Can I do any better on this XC40 T5 R-design lease? $429/mo w/ tax

I missed the costco $1250 off just because no dealer had a car I wanted in stock. This is for a car arriving in February so the MF/RV might not be exactly right, but I figure it should not change too much. I don’t have loyalty or first responder or anything like that.

Hypothetical or dealer offer? It’s decent, xc40s don’t have much lease cash.

Btw it should be in the untaxed category.

hypothetical based on negotiations I’m having with a dealer right now on a car arriving in 3 weeks. he quoted me one discount price (5ish%), but I want to aim for 10%.

You are wasting everyone’s time with these numbers. If your target is 10%, then negotiate only that and the rest when Feb programs available.