Can I change a 30 month Lease to a 24 month one in hopes of a better deal?

My wife just leased a 2017 BMW 330e for 30 months. After reviewing some of the comments on BMWs here, I was wondering if it’s not too late to change the terms to 24 months to see if it would save us on monthly fees? This would be presumable because of residual values being higher at 24 months vs 30. I don’t see the money factor, but we paid $1,999 for drive-offs (including 1st month’s payment).

It is very likely too late but also: just because residuals are higher for a shorter term doesn’t mean payments are lower. Then a 12-, 6- and 1-month lease would be cheapest. Long terms are almost always cheaper because you are spreading slightly more depreciation over a longer term…plus, regardless of whether you include the taxes & fees in the monthly payment or pay them upfront, you are essentially amortizing those dollars over a longer term too.

No you cannot change.

24 month leads to lower payment than 36 when you have a large rebate on the sale (such as EV credit, large manufacturer discounts). The rebate being redeemed over a shorter period of time makes it worthwhile. When I leased an i3, the 24 month was 70-80 dollars cheaper than the 36 month but then I did not qualify for the 2k state rebate (had to be 30 months or more).

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You could always ask the dealer, if they haven’t send it off to be finalized with BMW yet. In my experience if they are willing to work with you, and it isn’t going to cost them more money they will do it.