Can Chevy Bonus Tag be combined with Costco Cash Card


Im working a deal on a 2016 Malibu 2LT with a Chevy dealer in SoCal and Im being told that the bonus tag promotion is a stand alone promo and I would not qualify for the cash card.

Has anyone else experienced this?


Others have reported no issues with bonus tags and Costco card with Equinox’s…your dealer is feeding you BS.

^^^^ Exactly this ^^^^

Costco is not indicating specifically that bonus tag is excluded.

Are all rebates and incentives applicable?

Most currently available GM incentives that you are eligible to receive are applicable to your purchase

I leased the equinox with the bonus tag and submitted for my card. I should know in ~4 weeks. I called Costco auto program said they need GM to confirm the lease and then i will get the card after taking a survey.

The Costco cash card is a totally separate transaction handled by Costco’s people.

The dealer was probably trying to say the bonus tag was not stackable with the Costco supplier price discount. This is not true. The dealer can still sell the car to you at any price they like. They will get reimbursed from GM under the supplier program. Bonus tags still apply. Your dealer/sales/finance dept is just being lazy or greedy!

I’d go with lazy since they do need to take 2 minutes to fill out a webform for the costco thing.