Can BMW Dealers Refuse Incentives?

I’ve had more than one dealer decline to apply incentives on low mile demos recently. I didn’t know they could do that. The cars are leasing as new, not CPO. So, are dealers just allowed to say “nope”? To official incentives?

Corporate cars maybe?

Are you talking about flagship money? Are you also sure that they aren’t just including the official incentives into the discount you are getting and just not splitting it out? They don’t have to sell you a car.

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Not flagship. The car is listed at $X and no other incentives (loyalty, conquest, college) can be used.

Is it above 5k miles?

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Are you getting any discount? They are probably giving the incentives as part of the dealer discount.

Exactly dealers do this all the time throw incentives in the discount to make it look like they discounted it. The incentives come from the lender cost dealer nothing.

FWIW, I once had a dealer refuse to give me additional $1k for grad rebate on a negotiated quote. Never understood the rationale behind that because it would be comp’d by BMW

Mystery BMW, almost fun as mystery Jeeps, :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:

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I think this is right, but still - how do they know what I qualify for? Man, I’m so glad I don’t buy cars very often, this is a pain.

Dealers can set whatever price they want.

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