Can anyone recomend an Infiniti Dealsership in SoCal?

i’m in San Diego but i’ve been leasing cars for my family and my parents from LA dealerships for the last 6 years with great success and got some amazing deals. I will usually call/email internet sales department at a dealership and ask for a specific discount on a specific car on a lot and tell them that them if they honor it i will drive up immediately and pick-up a car. Used to work pretty well in the past years.

I’m in a process on trying to lease a Q50 for a family member. I arranged a deal at 2 different dealerships in Oceanside and Escondido for a specific vehicle and with a specific discount and both times i got a different price once i arrived at the dealership. Not only that, both dealerships inflated money rate. Wasted 6 hours driving around and waiting for sales manager to honor the price. Each time complete bait and switch.

At this point i want to try to work with one of the dealerships in LA, but i had a similar experience with Van Nuys Dealership when i was quoted one price over the phone and the deal was set but was provided a different discount when we came to fill out our paperwork. I don’t want to drive for 3 hours to pick-up a car and not be able to lease it.

1.Can anyone suggest a large Infiniti dealership on SoCal that provides good discounts on a cars and actually honors them?
2. Lately i can’t get any numbers in writing. Anyone has better luck? It is possible to complete lease paperwork remotely and come pick up the car? I was told no at several dealerships.

When you are contacting the dealership make sure you’re talking to a Sales Manager, otherwise the bait and switch will happen due to the salesperson trying to hide the actual price of the vehicle whether it be via misleading wording like 2k down (you assume that’s just the drive off but it’s actually the cap reduction). If you deal with a sales manager I’ve noticed you’ll get consistent results. If you’re already at a loser number they will generally not give you anything in writing because you will just shop their price. Just bear in mind that the price you are after is basically a giveaway and adjust your expectations accordingly.

*However, if you really want the numbers in writing before you drive to the dealership perhaps offering to run a credit check will make them more willing to offer a menu


If I knew exactly which car I wanted and was ready to buy that day, and two dealerships screwed me over and wasted my time like that I’d either swear off that brand altogether or hire a broker.

Not INFINITI. However, I was dealing with a Volvo dealership and was able to negotiate everything over the phone and email. Credit app sent, link for drive offs sent along with copy of contract from finance manager and car delivered and signed everything when car arrived. Just have to find the right dealer.

Best of luck.

I leased a QX60 from Perry Infiniti in Escondido last September and had good luck with them. You have to work for it, but I ended up with a hackr worthy deal. I do recommend going through the internet sales department though. I did the whole thing via email and text, and there was no bait and switch when I got there. But I knew every piece of the deal beforehand, so any sort of switch would have been evident.

I was about to say don’t go to Van Nuys Infiniti and then I saw you mention it.
You have to make a hard rule that you won’t go down to the dealership until they email you numbers and they are confirmed by the manager. A few dealership won’t do that but vast majority will if they realize you mean business.

Search the forum for Infiniti SoCal. I’ve seen people mention Tustin and some others before.

I’m east coast but I always get it in writing. And I know SoCal people on this forum do too.

Lol yeah I dealt with them briefly enough to realize their internet sales guy kinda sucks. At least he DID get back to me with some numbers though which is more than I can say for the GMC dealers over here.

Tustin Infiniti is known to give out some good deals but you need to find the right manager to play ball. For #2, yes it’s totally possible. You demand the numbers in writing. If they don’t provide one then you move on to the next. That’s the beauty of living in an area where there are multiple dealerships.

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Thank you for all the replies and suggestions. I will definitely try to work with Tustin and see if i can work out a deal on a car. Will keep everyone posted.

Give OC Infiniti a call too. I received very aggressive offers from both them and Tustin.

Does anyone have one they recommend? Looking to lease a Q50 asap and am getting lousy numbers from BH. Thanks ou!

If you search the forum for Infiniti (note the spelling) and various terms such as SoCal you will find recommendations.

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I’ve had good experiences at Infiniti Mission Viejo. I’ve had a slightly negative experience at Tustin Infiniti. I’ve had a very very very poor experience at Cerritos Infiniti.

I originally leased an Infiniti from Infiniti Mission Viejo and had a good experience with the lease transaction and subsequent service visits.

When it came time to return the vehicle at lease expiration and lease another Infiniti, I was unable to come to terms with Infiniti Mission Viejo on a new vehicle. Service was fine; just unable to come to terms.

I started working with Infiniti Tustin. All was fine until the dealer began evaluating the wear and tear on
my lease return. Normally there would be a 3rd party assigned by Infiniti Financial Services to evaluate the lease return vehicle; however, because the dealer wanted to complete the transaction before their month-end, the dealer pegged my wear and tear costs at $2,000. I did not proceed with the deal. When I did get paperwork finalizing the lease return from Infiniti, the wear and tear costs were only $89.00. Word to the wise!

Because I did not proceed with Tustin, I proceeded with working out a deal with Cerritos. I dealt directly with the sales manager. Not a good experience. All smiles, lovely handshakes, yes this, yes that, but crooked and deceitful when it came to the numbers. Buyer beware, be very aware.

I am in San Diego and have a base 2018 Q50 3.0t Luxe Gray color, have about 33 months remaining on the lease, 12k/year, on track with the mileage, asking 1000 down, 250 a month including tax if you are interested in transferring the lease

please post in marketplace

I tried perry and.kearny Mesa. I ended up using a broker from San Diego who got me a QX60 from Beverley’s Infiniti. He dropped it off to my home and within 15 minutes papers signed. Best part was the price/month was less than the lowest which was perry at the time.

My brother recently went to Tustin and they gave him 20% off (maybe it was 21%) MSRP right off the bat for 2018 3.0t Sport, which he just accepted to save the drama.

This was 3 months ago. Not sure what the deal is now.

talk to jeff at mission viejo. very straight forward and great deal up front.

@ibryton i am interested can you message me