Can a Mercedes wheel warranty be transferred to another vehicle?

I purchased a used Mercedes about a year ago in New England and got the tire/wheel warranty (worth it’s weight in gold btw!) and I am now trading it in for a new lease. I purchased the 5 year plan and am wondering if anyone knows if it can be transferred to the new vehicle or at least refunded for the time remaining so I can use that to purchase a new one. I believe it was just shy of 2k so even though it has paid for itself 5x over, I still have 4 years I’d like to use and I wouldn’t want to lose it because a finance guy wasn’t sure about how to do it. Thanks!

Looks at the fine print on the contract. Is it from Mercedes or a 3rd party? And I seriously doubt you’ve used 10k in claims in a year.

It is probably not transferable and they might give you a prorated amount back. However, if you have used it as much as you claimed to, do not expect anything back.

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It was through Mercedes, I’ll put the link to the brochure below. Can’t find the actual documentation that I signed. And yes, a single wheel is over a thousand dollars and I cracked 2 of them when I hit a giant pothole and I cracked one by driving on it without a tire. They also seem to need straightening every time I bring it in which is a couple hundred bucks and I’ve lost a good amount of tires all due to pot holes. Likely over 5k in a year. I actually blew a tire when I was leaving the dealership after just getting it fixed. It was 15 minutes before they closed and the tow truck was going to be an hour so I just drove it back and destroyed the wheel in the process. My guess is that the engine on the E550 is so heavy that going over potholes pits too much stress on the tire.

Also, it does specifically state unlimited use. I usually save all my service records so I’ll check after work today.

What did the warranty company say when you called and asked them?


I haven’t seen a contact for the actually company and my sales guy said he’d look into it, I just know that sometimes people will say no when the answer is really I don’t know so I was hoping to have found someone on here that has experienced this first hand

If you used it as much as you did, there is no way you are getting a prorated amount back.

How did you use it? Did service process the claim for you?

If it was on your lease contract, they gave you a brochure with the information about the program, that also has a phone number on it. You should have it already. Or is it in your glovebox with the owners manual? Either way, you shouldn’t need to get it from the dealership.

It’s not MB tire and wheel, it’s a third party. You haven’t said which 3rd party, so nobody can tell you authoritatively unless they also leased from the same dealer, the same month you did.

Gotcha! Yes I just bring the car in (or have it towed through MB) and they handle it all and give me an invoice showing how much it would have cost had I not gotten the warranty. I assumed that since is was on MBUSA’s website that is was either direct through Mercedes or if it was a 3rd party that it was the same company. Well I will have an answer today When I talk to the finance guy, just hope that it’s the right one. I’ll check my glove box as I have all the contracts in there and hopefully it will provide some insight. Thanks again!

It could be through Mercedes Benz but they contract it through a third party that underwrites the policy. Warranties work the same way too.

Just to finish this up, they were able to transfer it directly at the dealership. The company is called CNA international, but the finance guy handled it all without me having to do anything.