Camry XSE 4Cylinder Lease help

What do you guys think?
Dealer claiming we’re already $227 under cost.
Payment seems a bit high for a 4 cylinder, what do you think?
$457.02 inc 9.5% tax. Breakdown below:

Yeah uhm…

That’s definitely way too high.

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Numbers look right in regards to the RV/MF. I’m assuming the $36k MSRP is because you picked a few options rather than a base XSE. Truecar is saying the average selling price of a 2019 Camry XSE is around $30k, so you have some wiggle room for more discount. Might be worthwhile to reach out to @Cody_Carter to see if he can do better.

Still, for a midsize sedan it’s a bit pricey and shopping around could get your payment lower.


These just lease that poorly then. For my $450 I’d find something more engaging than a Camry considering you could probably buy it for not much more money.

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Yeah, I think any mass market car (without help from the finance arm) won’t lease as competitively as other brands that are inflating RVs / discounting MFs to increase market share.

The OP might be able to swing something like a Acura TSX if they wanted a vehicle around the same size. But it’s possible that the Camry is also the perfect car for them; everybody has different needs and wants when it comes to their vehicles.

At that MSRP it has to have basically every option. I could do about $20 a month less than that.

Toyota doesn’t residualize their add on options so you’re basically paying FULL cost to rent it for 3yrs and eventually give it back.

Stick to a stock XSE or better yet look at an SE (leases better) if you’re set on a Camry .

I have nothing against the Camry, but for that kind of money you could be driving a much nicer vehicle.

Toyota does residualize accessories on window sticker

Thanks everyone! Yes, it does have all the options. I was looking for a roomier vehicle than a Volt but something that’s good on MPG and has a decent look to it. I did browse these forums to see what I can get for around this price with the above mentioned features and with $0 down… This is how I got to this Camry though.

People are complaining a lot about the 530e which I also looked at because the monthly payments are almost similar… I also see a lot of people trying to get rid of their 530e’s on SAL.

Ideally a vehicle that’s plugin would’ve been the best because of the free charging available at work, but these cars usually come at a premium.

Any thoughts?


Not sure what there is to complain about with a 530e (which is actually doable in this payment range depending on your tax burden)

The only reason we sent ours off on it’s way was due to an SUV being on the want list more however if it’d been better specced that would have been a harder argument to make.

Check out Lexus ES350, its a bit bigger. Im not sure how they are leasing now, but a couple of months ago you could get a base ES with nav, heated seats etc for ~420-440. Fully loading F-Sport for 490.

Just as reference, last year I got my wife an SE MSRP $26xxx for 255 monthly only first DAS 36/12.

I quote ES 350 recently, MSRP around $42k, 3 year, 12k, DAS $2500, MSD, monthly payment $366 post tax. I choose 2019 X1 loaner to save $100 a month. Didn’t try ES 350 loaner.

As a reference, in 2016 I lease ES350 MSRP 39750, 3 year, 12k, DAS $1250, MSD, monthly payment $366 post tax.

while the styling of the xse is really really nice for a japaneese 4 door sedan, (with a twin turbo v6 making 400 hp I would think about it) at the end of the day it’s an econobox with an underperforming n/a i4, at $450 a month unless you are in love with the car you can find a better performing car.

On the upside barring any major resale altering event this car would arguably be worth more than it’s RV at lease end. So if you’re a betting man…

It could have a V12 and no one here would touch it with a ten foot pole anywhere near that price

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I wouldn’t touch that thing with someone else’s ten foot pole at that price.

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I got a better deal 389 tax included and I have a 10.25 tax rate 0 das by the way :joy::joy::joy:

By the way she also has the dynamic navigation that gives you the JBL sound system :+1:t2:

Absolute ripoff. Go with a s60 t5 or Accord and yes 530e or find a 2018 540xd helluva car