Camaro rumored to be mothballed in 2023

They only sold 51k Camaros in 2018 and I’d guess a good minority of those were fleet sales. Not surprising they are shelving the car. My main takeaway when I took a Camaro off the National Emerald Aisle was that the visibility is terrible. Like freighting to drive in city terrible.


Maybe if Chevrolet stopped sucking, and got rid of their stupid “real people, not actors” commercials, people would want to buy their cars.

I took a Camaro SS out in LA once from the airport during a trip. Frightening visibility is an understatement.


Seriously, a friend rented one a few years back and I was excited to drive it. It had horrible visibility and to be honest the power sucked. It was also the SS model…

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I can totally see GM deciding to bring the nameplate back as a swoopy ‘coupe-like’ SUV or something equally stupid. Given what they’ve done to the Blazer, they might as well burn all the names down.

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Maybe…just maybe.

It might happen…especially if the rumored Mustang EV comes to fruition.

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I had a 2018 SS 1LE and it was a great car. It compared very favorably to my F80 M3. Both were manuals. The main reason I got rid of the Camaro was the lack of space, visibility, and I wanted even more power. I do miss the way it handled.