Camaro LT1 deal check California $500 DAS / $350 mo

I posted this in another members Camaro thread but would really love some feedback since these deals seem a lot harder to find in California.

$38,360 MSRP
(Auto trans, tech package, Bose audio)
$500 DAS
$350.62 per month incl. tax
39 months 10K miles

I know some of y’all are getting lower payments without any out of pocket, but this is the only dealer who can even come close to those deals. Everyone else is quoting ridiculous $500+ monthly’s with tons out of pocket. Additionally, I genuinely like the salesperson I am working with - even if I had to “walk away” for the additional $500 in regional conquest rebate.

What say ye, hackers?

I don’t see how that’s a bad deal in Cali…sure you could get it a little lower. How important is $10-20/mo to you. I assume you drove it already?

RE: $10-20/mo - you’re absolutely right. I’ve pretty much decided this is it, but I still enjoy validation from internet strangers. I’ve been trying since December to land a deal and this is the closest I’ve come.

I have driven a supercharged LS7 swapped 2012 SS, so I’m expecting it to be just a little bit more manageable. Visibility is what it is. I might keep a selfie stick in the car to help navigate tight spots with my phone :grin:

It’s highly likely that this is the lowest they will offer. Think about how many other people in Cali would pay $400/mo for that car. I like grinding down a deal as much as anyone. But I’m also rational and understand there’s not many of these available. Bang for the buck 350 is still a great deal for this car imo. Tell them 250 down and you’ll take it. Split it down the middle so you’re both happy! I find when you throw your credit card on the table with an offer they’re more likely to accept.

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Didn’t @chevysalesgirl say she had one? Have you reached out to her?


I think this is solid based on what I’ve seen and if you really haven’t gotten anything else close I think the answer is clear - this is the deal.


When I was looking for mine a couple weeks ago. I sent out offers to a bunch of dealers. I know that Buena Park had one incoming. There were a few dealers willing to work with me but a few also hit me with ridiculous numbers and I never responded. I started looking on the 29th and picked it up on the 30th. All because of this site… Ended up at $342 after tax/month with first month up front and 12k/39m. The deal is a bit better this month with the 2k on conquest!

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If you wanted to share the dealer you went through via PM I wouldn’t hate you for it :grimacing:

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Actually yes I did and her deal was solid - but her car was better equipped and had a higher MSRP so the numbers came out a little higher. Her deal may actually have been more aggressively discounted but I am aiming for a lower monthly so settling for a less equipped vehicle. I stand corrected on no other dealers coming close - her deal is great if you like the options.

She was super responsive and got me numbers ridiculously fast, so kudos to her.

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