Camaro LT1 contract issue

I signed a Camaro LT1 lease on December 31st out of state in Chicago (we live in Minnesota) and didn’t hear anything from GM financial by the last week of January so called the dealership and the finance dept said there was an issue with the sales tax collected or something so it was being funded at the end of Jan and I should get my welcome paper work shortly after. I asked about the payment I had to pay and they said it would get taken care of on their end and they would call me to get a credit card number if they were paying it on my behalf.

Well I got my welcome letter the GM financial and it looks like my contract has now started on Feb 1st showing maturity date of may 1st 2024.

Here is my issue, I have put a months worth of miles on the car and from my math my end date should be 31st March 2024.

I’m concerned because I put 800 miles on the car in January. Now I have lost a months worth of miles due to them starting my contract a month later.

I put a call in to the dealership and am waiting a response. Any guidance would be much appreciated

With your signature on it?

Does your contract show how many miles were on the vehicle when you took delivery?

Yeah so when I went to pick the vehicle up they put on the contract is had 7 miles and I said let me check to see what’s actually on there and it had 237 so I had them change it which they did my hand then I had to initial next to it. I can upload pics on my original contract later today.

I haven’t seen a new contract I just know from working out the months when it states on the GM portal that my contract ends May 1st.

What the hell is going on here lol. I knew this dealership seemed a bit off when signing the paperwork. I had to leave to drop the rental car off at noon as it was New Year’s eve and the rental place was closing. I told the dealer when I got there at 10 to have everything lined up and they didn’t. I was sat there for an hour doing nothing. Then I ended up having to do the finance paperwork with the salesman which was sketchy in my opinion but what choice did I have as I had to get the rental car back to the local rental place and they were closed the next day for New Year’s Day.

I only ever signed the original contract. My guess is they have done something weird on their end. What should I do? I don’t want to be return the car back a month later and not use it for a month because of this.

Edit: I’m slow today nevermind

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So the contract that is on your GMF account does not have your signature on it?

So you had this car for free this whole time or were you making payments?

I picked the car up December 31st and did first payment due at signing. My second payment should have been due I’m guessing last day of January or 1st February. Now that I can log into my account it shows the first payment was made feb 1st. That should be my second payment. I’m guessing they used my first month payment I put down on feb first instead of December 31st. I don’t care if I have to make another payment to GM now, I just want what I signed up for. I now have a car I’ve used for a whole month without it counting towards my end date mileage.

I don’t see on the dashboard where I can see any docs I signed. I have the originals in my car

At the very least, as a quick fix I would think the GM of the dealership should send you a check for $200 which would be 800 miles x .25c overage. If I was you I’d also be a little annoyed I had to wait until 1st day of August to put it up for transfer instead of last day of June, but that’s only if you planned on transferring out

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I guess I’m more relaxed then you especially since you got one month free which should definitely be enough to cover an extra 1k miles in savings.

Yeah I just don’t want an extra month on the lease at the end.

You really think you’re going to go over miles when you probably cant drive the car 3 months out of the year?

Ha drove it through Jan and feb. also like another mentioned what if I wanna transfer out…now I gotta wait another month.

Just depends how much time you want to spend. Your time is worth something.

Sounds like you got an extra month of use at half price and didn’t get dinged on your credit for missing your 2nd payment.

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I don’t see an issue. You are paying the same agreed price for the same agreed miles. You can always turn it in a month or two early and nothing will have changed in terms of $$/miles.

Unless your contract has early termination penalties, but for one month? I’d be surprised.

Because now it’s as if I leased the car on feb 1st with 830 miles on the clock.

Since I don’t know the numbers, let’s say I’m paying for 36 mos, 36k miles, $100/mo. Whether the contract states 1/1 or 2/1, I can still turn it in 1/1 3 years from now with 36k miles and have paid $3600. So where is the issue? And, if by chance, I am under 36k miles, I can keep it another month.

Heck, if you want to feel better, consider it as paying your monthly at the end of each month rather than at the beginning. So you make that last payment when you turn it in rather than making the last payment and driving for another month before turning in.

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