Camaro Accessories (Moved from signing thread)

Front splitter added…ties nicely with the black wheels.


And a kind friend gave me these to spice up the interior over the standard mats.:heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark:

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I am soooooo tempted…

Since I plan to…

Some simple cosmetic mods in progress…door strike covers from Cadillac fit the Camaro nicely.

And I couldnt resist burning up my GM Rewards points on these as I ordered them today.

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Illuminated door sills and the footwell lighting is the only mod I’m tempted do on my LT1 too

It looked so cool on 2SS rental I drove

Dealer just called and the part arrived already…I may install it this weekend.

About 90 minutes taking my time.

They are beautiful…I see why the 2SS comes standard with them.



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Haha you really like those door strike covers, don’t you

Seriously… A bunch of guys online were saying how such a simple and easy thing can make such a significant visual difference when you open the door, and they were right.

If you’re up for the project, you can buy paint- matched spray paint can. Spray them to match your car color

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Wow I’m ordering them too :grinning::grinning::grinning:

$14.95 for 4…split em with a Camaro friend😁. i’m sending my other two to a friend in CA with an SS.


Did you get the front splitter as part of the build or was it after market ?

It is the OEM GM performance Gen 2 front splitter in satin black that I bought separately for a previous Camaro. It bolts off and on so easily it can be moved car to car.

I am going try finding that one off ebay first

It drastically changes the appearance of the car, it’s a bit pricey…but after having it on the last two cars I cannot have a camaro without it.

BEWARE… do a bit of research on them first. There are some that are very cheap and ill fitting. They also may require hacking your front fascia.

There are definitely some good quality aftermarket ones, but what I found was that the price ends up approaching the OEM.

That is good tip, I look for something closer to an Oem price