Calling Chevy experts. Question about discounts stacking

Are first responders and supplier discounts stackable on Chevy leases?

Thanks in advance.

First responder is just a $500 incentive. Yes, it is stackable with supplier.

Thank you! Do all dealers accept both those discounts (since it’s a GM discount not a 3rd party) or some can refuse to honor them?

I doubt anybody would reject first responders, but supplier is definitely hit or miss, especially depending on what vehicle you are after.

Camaro specifically. Wonder if anyone here can recommend a dealer in the NY/NJ area that accepts it.

Usually an alternative you can suggest with a dealer is getting them to honor supplier price, but take a 1% mark up on the rate. Usually amounts to splitting it down the middle (depending on what the supplier discount is). There’s creative ways to make it work.

I could not find any dealer in NJ who would cooperate. I wound up getting mine from Michigan and shipping it.

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