🏝 California Kia Specials ~ LEGENDS AUTO GROUP ~ NIRO EV'S ARE BACK

Today only. :boom::boom::boom::boom:

Updated with December pricing.

I don’t really pay attention to this thread but might as well bump it :man_shrugging:t3:

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looking for any pricing on a loaded Niro EV.


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Text one of us for pricing

Updated for January, programs look like they got better and Kia added loyalty on a few models

Yea text one of us for pricing

Just updated with more enhanced pricing for 24, 36, and 39 months :wink:

back up.


Arguably the most aggressive pricing on here for Kia in SoCal. :electric_plug:

Thanks Legends. Posting the EV price would be helpful to the community.
We are shopping for an EV Niro and I just find it odd that Kia or Kia dealers has not made more of an effort to sell their EV models. And according to all the recent reports and articles EV sales in general other than Tesla are in the toilet. Other than the Chevy Bolt the Kia Niro EV is one of the few potential competitors (240+ miles in EV) especially since Tesla leases are notorious bad. Not trying to hijack this thread to debate EV features, I’m just saying “Kia, this is your time in the marketplace to get those EV vehicles moving. Don’t waste it because many more are coming down the pipe”


Any Telluride Deals?

No. Tellurides are selling for sticker/over sticker. If I don’t have a Kia model on my original post it’s because it’s not leasing well enough for me to put it there.

FYI - What you see is what you pay, we don’t have any surprise broker fee’s on top like some of the brokers here :wink:.

Hi there , do you have any lease info for a 2020 optima ex-premium ?

Yes, text one of us for pricing

Hi, any deals on Optima PHEV?

Text one of us for pricing

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