🌴 California Jaguar Land Rover Deals! UNICORN Full-Size Disco Added - 30% OFF


Contact Information
Ethan Smith

Pricing based on T1 credit (730++)
All quotes based on 7,500 miles
No MSDs with Jaguar Land Rover
Add $1,000 Loyalty on Sport & Full-Size if current LR owner.


Sport or Velars? :grimacing: let’s speed everything up lol

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Interested do you have it in white?

Yes, PM me and I’ll text a link to full inventory.

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Wow. Smoking deal. Any RR sport deals?


Only available to CA residents?

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Yes, it says must reside in CA.

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While I got in a bit of trouble with JLR for posting a PIN, I decided to post some remaining 2019 I-Pace inventory on this thread. Phenomenal car at a phenomenal price! :cloud_with_lightning:

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Ended up getting one more out last night, big thanks to all the LHers that took advantage of the deals and helped us clear out our remaining 2019 inventory!

Will update this thread with a full spreadsheet soon for the month of February


Updated thread with a crazy F-Pace SVR demo. Probably going to edit thread with one-off hackr deals as opposed to a full spreadsheet. :slightly_smiling_face:

Insane… :scream:

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Are all your post going to be CA residents only?

No, eventually will regain ability to do out of state deals. Most likely sometime next week. We went through an acquisition so stopped for a bit as we didn’t have a vendor to calculate out of state DMV fees.

Ok thanks looking out for a friend. Would you know if jlr through jpmc allows lease transfers? I know your still responsible for payment but is it even possible to transfer lease?

No lease transfers with JPMC unfortunately. Only US Bank.

Damn. Did not know that. Now 39 months seems soo long. Never been in a car for more than 24

Family members are always a good way to get out of them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can relate, I get bored quickly with cars.

Yup was relying on friends and colleagues but guess i’ll have to keep it closer… insurances claims always come to haunt…

That SVR is sensational. Perfect color.

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