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Thank you bro. Links sent.

Congrats Paul!!

Now it will be even easier to provide documents for recent college grad rebate. :man_student::rofl:

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Lol :rofl::rofl:. Thank you Dave! Appreciate it.

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Sent. 2020

Price enhancements on a few models coming, updating links now

Any further enhancement on 530e? :slight_smile:

Congrats Paul!

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No. The 530e already has a good amount of rebate. Links sent to everyone, let me know if I didn’t get you!

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Everyone should have the link, please reach back out if we missed you

@fullcombo @Persius Please PM me, can’t send PM’s for a few hours

All sent. Can PM again.

Sent to everyone.

Please PM. I can’t send messages for a few hours…

@dotmike24 Please PM me for link, won’t let me send out PM’s for a few hours

Did you even read what @legendsauto just posted? :man_facepalming:

Judging by all of the out of state people asking for links, no they don’t read what I posted :joy:

Do you ship to Turkey?

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As of this morning the following models have a stop sale, we can still work out and secure your deals but delivery will be after the stop sale is lifted

18/19 X1 (All)
19 330i/M340i (All)


Looks like all models except for X7 and X5 are now part of the stop sale, most models just need a software update

Its knee airbags.