Calculator: Visualizing Necessary Discounts

I was just using the calculator to try to determine, for a particular set of lease parameters, how likely I’d be able to negotiate a deal at a certain MSRP and still be in my price range.

Another way you could think about this is: Given a MSRP, what is the dealer discount that I’d need to hit my desired payment? So for $50K, that might be 10%. For $55K, it might be 12%. And so on. This would make a very informative graph in my opinion. The X axis could be the MSRP of the vehicle, and the Y axis could be required dealer discount.

Another interesting graph might be a three dimensional one. The X axis is MSRP, the Y axis is dealer discount, and the Z axis (color?) would be payment or total lease cost.

You would still be required to fill in all the other information and the only think you would be changing is the MSRP or discount. The only change I can see that would make sense would be instead of clicking up/down arrow on the MSRP, have a slider that let’s you change increments of the price going up or down. You could then keep the discount the same for X car and slide up to see what MSRP would still be in your payment range. The payment on the bottom/right of the screen would change as your adjust the MSRP and the discount would stay the same.