Calculator Question on 2020 MB E450 Loaner and AICPA Discount

I am looking at leasing a 2020 Mercedes E450 sedan loaner.

I am a member of the AICPA, which says I get a $1250 discount on E classes.

So, does the $1250 discount go under Taxed Incentives, Untaxed Incentives or just deduct the $1250 from the Selling Price?


Assuming being an AICPA member qualifies you for the fleet discount, then this would go under taxed incentives.

It’s usually a taxed incentive. Note that the AICPA incentive does not usually stack with any dealer incentives that may already be included in their advertised price.

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Thanks all.

I’ve used the AICPA incentive / discount on my last two MB Loaner leases. So I got a big Loaner-related discount off the price, and then was able to use the AICPA too. Don’t think there were any other incentives. Hoping to continue that trend.

By the way, the AICPA discount off a 2020 S class is $7k. I was shocked by that (but still not looking to spend that kind of money on an S Class, especially one that changes for 2021 significantly; I’ll stick with the E Class).

The standard dealer incentive is $6K on an S-Class so fleet is only adding $1000.

So what are the numbers looking like on a E450 with that AIPAC discount?

Dealer hasn’t gotten back to me yet (they were closed yesterday), but I will let you know.

On the calculator, I took off 20% off MSRP, add AICPA discount, 4k demo miles, 15k miles per year and 9% PA tax and I come up with $515 or so with PA 9% tax. MSRP is $69k ish.

My current 2017 E300 is $499 per month with tax. Was a loaner and looking back I see what a great deal it was (and was the incoming body style, not the unrefreshed as with the 2020) So that is my goal. I’m not a fan of the color combo of the loaner, but going from a 4 cylinder to 362 horsepower should be nice. So I am ok with the tradeoffs. In fact, in 2020, the E450 was the most powerful non-AMG engine of Mercedes (so I read, FWIW).

Sounds like a solid deal on surface for a 70k luxury mid sized sedan. FYI, there hasn’t been many E Class deals here and the A6 leases atrociously, so nice to see solid deal come up on anything other than a 530/540 BMW.

I’m curious, as I’m sure others are too, so post back once you get the breakdown from dealer.

I would suggest basing your pricing targets on the current lease programs and reasonable pre-incentive discounts amounts rather that a monthly payment from several years ago. The programs from 2017 are irrelevant in 2021.

Is this your offer to the dealer?

Dealer is already at 18.5% off advertised. I have not made an offer yet. Waiting for them to confirm the car is still available, and that it is indeed a Loaner that can be leased as new.

Careful with dealer ads, most likely includes all rebates and incentives

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Yes, thanks. My target is based on my current Leasehackr Calculator exercises, and just getting a little more off of what they are already advertising.

I’ve been down this lease-a-loaner path many times. Was tipped off to Loaners on this site about 4 or 5 years ago. Much more inventory in the market in 2017 vs. now, so everything is tighter.

Yup. I’ll be digging in with the dealer.

My experience is that a lot of luck plays into this. And does the dealer simply want to move this leftover 2020 loaner; a car that was just refreshed. And how quickly do they want to move vs. drawing out the process. My lease is up 2/15, but I can extend for one “or” two more months - which would get me into quarter end deals, but maybe less 2020 loaners around then.

I do better with dealers that are not in the same state, as is the case here. I am clear that I am not coming for test drives, etc., since I am too far away. I won’t consider driving the distance to the dealership until we are agreed on all details. Out-of-State Dealers seem to tune in better that buying the commodity is based on price, not emotion and the normal sales process.

The other weird thing I have to figure out…

I actually currently have two leased loaner Mercedes.

For my Loaner 2017 I was able to buy the three year Service plan at a nice negotiated discount.

But then when I leased my 2019 Loaner, I was not able to buy a service plan. I kept asking why, but they just said it was not available at less than paying full retail service price for the Services. So it made me wonder if something changed since 2017, or if I really wasn’t leasing the Loaner as a “new” car.

I did not really care much, as I was getting a great deal on the 2019 Loaner. But something I still need to check into for this 2020 Loaner - can I get a discounted Service agreement on it?

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