Calculator query corolla NY

This is a Horrible Deal correct ?
the 3k down is Equity from a lease.

Yeah, it’s pretty terrible. Go to @Jrouleau426 I think he’s at 500 under msrp and his dealer should be able to take a trade too

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fixed the calculator link

Find one at or below sticker.

Finance it.

Finance is not a option i am trying help a friend they refuse to finance

$5k markup on a Corolla and you need to ask?


a least that what i think its going on based on the msrp he showed me and the price he said he is selling it at rofl.
i know the market is bad but 5k over MSRP ?

You cannot be serious, with any part of that “deal”.

right. its like one of the worst deals i have ever seen

I would have a difficult time purchasing a Corolla at MSRP, let alone with that kind of markup.

You also need to separate your trade. We really have two “deals” going on here. You’re looking to get into a Toyota AND you have the current vehicle to get out of. You could very well have more than $3k of equity with your current lease. You can’t play the game well until you at least know the cards you’re holding.

The dealer asking $5,000 over on a Corolla is probably lowballing the trade as well.

Why buy a boat when you can buy a jet?

That was my (very probable) assumption as well. :man_facepalming:

Terrible deal.

Message me I have a couple dealers I can run the trade and new corolla through to get the best price.


Not 500 off this month in the northeast but I’m sure I can make up for that on the trade in.

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I sure as hell hope you’re better than 5k ADM.

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Ha can do msrp on most. 5k is redic unless his trade is underwater and they just wanted to make him happy about it

My Lord! Really? I don’t even do that

the equity seems accurate they offered 19k where Carvana would have done 19.5 which i cant do anyways

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