Calculator not matching dealer, 21 BMW 330i x-drive

Leased a few cars before, first with BMW. Lease calculator gives me a way different number than 2 different dealers.

2021 BMW 330i X-drive custom build

MSRP $54,800
Sale price $49,000 (no incentives)
Destination fee $995
Registration $878
Doc fee $499
Residual 57%
MF .00082
Tax rate monthly AZ 6.2%

Lease calculator $587 before tax ($1500 down to cover first month and registration)

Dealer with 2k down $720
Dealer with 1.5k down $723

Where are they trying to screw me? Or am I doing something wrong?

And to make things more off I had another dealer who only went to $52,445 sale price but they got me to $660 with only first month down.

Leasehackr Calculated

I’m not sure what calculator you linked to, as that one doesn’t look to be even remotely near the same deal.

Actually, it looks like you linked to Da_Do’s calculator from his thread.

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You could be the world’s best negotiator but without incentives any BMW lease is going to range from bad to disastrous.

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You need to get a full breakdown from the dealers. You are buying in AZ- deals are not what they are in other areas (little competition). Once you get a full grasp on the deal (marked up money factor-dealer add ons etc) you will be able to know what needs improvement. Or just expand your search (LA market is close and much better in terms of deals). Or if you do not want to do the work hire a broker from here to get a vehicle.

However if you are going to do this on your own you really need to dive in and learn. The way your are going in you make a salespersons day. Blind buyers that do not know what they are doing will pay the premium you have been quoted.

I get that. I’m not blind though.
I was told the discount, MF and residual straight up.

Numbers just aren’t adding up :no_good_man:t4:

Are you sure about no incentives? Are you sure that’s the mf they’re giving you? Why does the msrp not match in the calculator?

If the numbers aren’t adding up you do not have all of the info (or you just have bad info). Even if you do not have loyalty you will get the lease cash. It is probably figured into the discount they gave you.

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Are you sure the residual is 57%?
Thought 36/10k was 58%
Therefore 36/12k 57%
Then 36/15k 56%

I did a calculation for you to see the current deal. The numbers could be changed (this is assuming base money factor and no dealer add ons) depending on how it is structured- but you get the idea. Your deal has a lot of room to improve, but no one will spoon feed it to you. Lots of brokers are 10% off and base rate on orders. It would be worth the fee they charge to get this service they offer.

However this is what a $2000 drive off looks at a $720 payment

There’s a 2% delta between these two.

Then it should be 55% for 15k if it’s 58% for 10k, correct?

Yes, if 10k is 58%, 12k should be 57% and 15k should be 55%

Of course, that still doesn’t fix the calculator, so I’m guessing either the selling price isn’t what it’s thought to be, the mf isn’t actually buy rate, or there are some other hidden add ons going on.

Thank you everyone for the tips

Correct residual is 55% — 3/15k

The lowest sale price dealership at $49k included $1500 lease cash.

After telling them their numbers made no sense they agreed on $600 before tax. First month and registration down.

Build price 54,800
Sale price 49,000


Why does the msrp keep changing?

Because that’s what people do…add on builds 5-6 times and still request same price lol

54,800 :upside_down_face: