Calculator Improvement Suggestion -- Input % off MSRP to Auto Calc Sale Price


Should work both ways. Input a sale price and have it auto calc % off MSRP, or input a % discount and have it auto calc the sale price. Would be easy, and useful considering deals are quoted both ways.

Add '% Discount' to LH Calculator

Hi there,

I suggest to add a ‘% Discount’ to the LH Calculator, which is connected to the ‘Sales Price’ field (i.e., changing the in the ‘% Discount’ field will automatically be reflected in ‘Sales Price’ field and vice versa).

I found my self calculating the sales price on my phone a lot when I compare the payments for cars in the same model but different MSRP due to options&packages. It would be handy if the sales price can be populated automatically given the % discount since that’s the only thing we negotiate with dealership in a typical leasing deal.


Agreed, that’d be a nice feature.


I can see why this would be a good feature but most people use the calculator and plug in a number they want to be at (and it displays the percent off below). Plus from what I think, most people tend to play with the calculator AFTER they receive the numbers and manipulate them to fit their payment.

TL;DR: Helpful feature but not necessary but that’s just my opinion

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Maybe add a loaner/demo miles section for BMWs and MBs since it seems many people don’t know how to adjust the RV for them as well.

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THIS please! I can’t tell how many times I have to explain residual adjustment for loaners (I don’t mind doing it and being transparent on my pricing as I am with all clients), but if the calculator had the option, that would make life that much easier :slight_smile:

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I’m just waiting for “if i get 47% off this Tacoma”


47% off with an RV of 80%+, so you pay me to take a Tacoma?

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I can’t even figure out how to put decimals in for tax…6.625, 7.4, etc

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Copy and paste from somewhere else in your iPhone bro :grimacing: iPhone issue more than a website problem.




Fixed the decimal input issue on mobile for sales tax. Thanks for letting us know!


Can you make the same change to the residual value field since loaners can have fractional amounts?

Yes, I know I can add the mileage penalty to the sale price but cleaner to mark down the RV to match how most dealers present it.

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I implemented the requested % off MSRP and demo car RV adjustment features in the upcoming calculator update, which is currently in its testing stage. We invite you all to participate in the testing before the calculator is released to the public. PM me or @michael if you are interested! Thank you!