Calculator Help Please!

I’m not sure I’m using the leasehackr calculator correctly. When I put in the sales price should I enter the actual amount negotiated with the dealer including any incentives or money down? For example, say I’m leasing a car with a 34k msrp. Dealer agrees to sale price of 30k and there’s 4k incentives. I would enter the sales price as 30k and then put 4k in the taxes incentives field. Is this correct? Or do I deduct the incentives and put 26k as the sales price?

I hope what I’m asking makes sense! I searched for help on how to use the calculator but can’t find anything. Thanks for your help!

If you live in a state that taxes rebates/incentives, do it the first way.

So to clarify, when I enter any incentives, the calculator will subtract them from the sell price for me? (Incentives are taxed in my state)

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