Calculator doesn't factor tax incentives

Your calculator doesn’t have a field to factor (EV, Hydrogen Fuel Cell, CNG or other) tax incentives to generate the score. I think my BMW i3 deal would have a score around 800. $62/month on a $50,350 MSRP.

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Good suggestion. We’ll look into incorporating those incentives. You’re right, most EVs have an “adjusted” MSRP that is $7,500 lower than the actual MSRP thanks to the federal tax credit for EVs.

In the meantime, does it work to add that amount into the taxed incentives field? Also, how would I handle an incentive offer from USAA (which, on the Mercedes B-Class I’m considering, is substantial at $3500)? Thanks.

It depends on the state as well as the manufacturer. I believe with Mercedes, the USAA incentive will either be untaxed or included to lower the selling price of the vehicle.