Calculating BMW Loaner Residual


That is why i found a 09 335i sport with a stick and 43k miles on iy at Carmax and bought it with a 5 year 100k mile warranty. The $3500 i paid for the warranty has paid for itself and then some 6 months in. I don’t miss my 328 msport for a second.


Wow, $3500 in repairs in 6 months of owning the car! This is exactly what scares me away from current BMW’s. They’re the ultimate lease machine. My wife and I bought a CPO’d 2011 X5, and within a few months, lost it’s water pump, still have intermittent problems with the HVAC, the lift gate sometimes opens and closes with the remote, has had strange battery drain issues and has temperamental issues with various sensors.

I would not recommend anyone buy this car. It drives well, but that’s about it. Not worth the headaches.

It’s our last BMW and we’ve owned them for the last 18 years.


So as a follow-up, I’ve received some skepticism on other boards about what I posted about residuals. All I can tell you is what the dealer gave me for a residual, which I know are generally non-negotiable. If for some reason the lease is punted back by BMWFS because the residual is incorrect, i’ll let you know.



I didn’t see the forms you signed, so is there a chance they kept the residual what it was supposed to be, then added the 4 percent to the sales price?
I don’t think that actually happened, I think more than likely because it’s such a new change, no one knows about it yet, but adding the 4 percent to the sales price would be the only way the dealer could benefit from this.


I did triple check all the forms, including the residual value and the capitalized cost. There was no funny business that would have benefited the dealer.


Hi OP…Did your lease deal go through ? Was that news about adjusted residuals true?


We have not received our first statement from BMWFS yet, but I assume everything is as expected and the residual calculation is correct.


I asked about this on ask a dealer at bimmerfest and no one was able to confirm it. It will be interesting to see. If it was going to get kicked back out i think it would have already.


I know you say it’s new but I leased a demo on 1/3/17 and it was current residual % minus mileage over 500 miles.


I got mixed messages as well. One dealer had the 4% adjustment but another said they had no idea.


If the car has less than 5000 miles it’s the regular mileage only adjustment.

I can confirm we received our first statement and it was correct.

Maybe it’s regional?


two dealers were in Seattle and the other was in Oregon. all gave varying answers and I did mention the more than 5k miles


Is your car <> 5k miles?


just got a call from the BMW manager that said they had no idea of the change in residuals.

He said that starting in March cars over 7500 with be hit with 4% reduction in residual. 6% for over 10k miles


My car had 5500 miles. Can’t tell you for sure what’s going on here other than what I’ve shared here and the fact that my lease was written under the new terms and accepted by BMWFS.

If dealers aren’t using it, I imagine lease contracts would be rejected by BMWFS.


I am reviving this thread as I have not seen the issue of what is the residual drop for a loaner above 5000mi these days of 2019.
Is it 4% down for 5001-7500mi on top of the mileage adjustment?
Is a 6,500 mi loaner eligible for its model year lease support?
If not, can be such car still leased but the dealer has to do a significant discount to make it worthwhile, i.e. replace the lease incentive?


Above 5,000 miles -7% from residual
Above 7,500 miles -9% from residual

Yes typically it is discounted much higher than a regular demo/loaner under 5,000 miles


And once over 5000 miles it no longer qualifies for incentives. Just straight discount.


Is that the updated figures as of Jan? Wasn’t it 4 and 6 before?


it was 4% & 6% for any vehicle inventoried before 12/1, but it is now 7% & 9% for the foreseeable future