Calc sometimes runs 10 > 15k change incorrectly


I’m not sure why it keeps happening, but it does. Going from 10k to 15k changes residual by 2% instead of 3%.


Is this with a specific brand or generally ?


All pretty much. Clients reached out, took my 740i post, dropped the residual and it only moved 2 points.

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@littleviolette is making some tweaks to the calculator and we’ll look into this as well!

Demo mileage adjustments are coming for BMW and Mercedes. :slightly_smiling_face:


There’s no need to do demo mile adjustments. Just have to add the demo mileage at the cost/mile to the cap cost and keep the normal residual.

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Can you add a 7,500 mile option while you’re at it?


No need to automatically change residual at all, IMHO. I always plug it in manually. Unless I’m posting it for someone else, I don’t bother with the miles dropdown at all.


That might make sense for you or me, however, people usually just change the mileage option and then wind up with the wrong residual.

Also would add a 5k option for the brands that allow it - Jag, Porsche, RR (i think)…


If folks are interested in testing out the updated calculator, PM me and I’ll send you the link.

You’ll get a preview of the new features. Shall we call it the Leasehackr Calculator Early Access Development Program? :laughing: