Cadillac XT5 Standard AWD

The dealer price the lease at $357 for a Cadillac XT5 2018 Standard AWD white. The deal includes 12000 miles per year 36months minus current 3300 miles on the Demo car. $o downpayment, out pocket cost ~ $900 which includes registration, plates, and first month payment.
Is this a good deal?

Thanks for your reply

Looks good but you need more info such as msrp, sell price, etc

Doesn’t seem bad on first glance, but impossible to actually know without the other details. Will you be okay with 11k mile per year taking into account the demo miles that subtract from the mileage allowance

I would be interested to see the MSRP and selling price as well. Did you have any conquest or loyalty $$ involved?

my local Cadillac dealership (2 actually) told me they will not do a lease deal on a 2018 Xt5, multiple sales people have told me this. guess i need to try another dealership.

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I recently leased two 2018 XT5’s. One is AWD white @ $333 on 12k/36. The other is a FWD @ $284 a month on 12k/36. I would say your deal is pretty solid.

since when did the demo miles subtract from the allowance?

or is this for Cadillacs only?

With GM/Ally Leases, you can either take a dollar deduction from the residual to account for the mileage and have the full allowance, or you can subtract the mileage from the allowance. Whatever makes the most sense.

All GM brands have this policy with GM Financial

Lease support for the '18 xt5 ended. You won’t find a dealership to lease you one, unless they use a different bank, like Ally or USBank. I’m not sure if those 2 will lease one either anymore.

That is not a standard which is applicable to all GM leases. From my experience, it seems like it was up to the dealer and not GM Financial (I might be wrong here). I recently got a Cadillac loaner and the members here made me aware of this rule but when I actually signed the papers, my total mileage allowance was = 2,047 miles at inception + 36,000 miles of the lease

It’s in the GM lease guide as such. Your dealer had to have adjusted residual to compensate, or took the loss on the miles.

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That is correct and I reviewed the paperwork thoroughly but couldn’t find any adjustments that the dealer made in my lease contract to account for the 2,047 miles at inception. So the dealer might have taken the loss elsewhere to account for it maybe.