Cadillac xt5 2019 luxury loaner deal or no deal?

I am about to sign a lease on a service loaner 2019 Cadillac XT5 premium luxury (ventilated seats etc…) for 24 month, 10k miles a year, $2k total drive off and $400/mo tax included.
The vehicle has 2k miles on it.
MSRP $53k and change.
In Los Angeles.
I am suppose to sign the papers today.
Is it a good deal?

I’m in Michigan, so lots of GM Employee pricing avail, and I think that’s a pretty fair lease on 24 months. All the payments in the mid and high $300s are 36 months. Also bear in mind Caddy is pretty good on pull-ahead if you hop into a new XT4 or XT5 in mid to late 2021