Cadillac xt5 2019 luxury loaner deal or no deal?

hi guys i am here in FL trying to get an SUV for the first time cause i got 2 kids and am in between RDX aspec ( my favorite) which is a $500 monthly lease that is impossible to negotiate and last resort a Mazda cx9 gt or a cx5 gt ( which are in the low 300s and high 300s. Yesterday i came across this deal on a Cadillac xt5 luxury 2019 loaner with 4k miles. It also has the blackout ice something package all for 54k and the GM said he lets it go with 0 down drive off and taxes rolled into the monthly payment. The monthly is $499 for 39 month 10k miles. What do you guys think? so basically would leave it for 46400, still when i plug in all the numbers he gave me , it gives me $479. How much more can i push it for? here is all the info

You don’t have any incentives?

Get the lease sheet and post it if you want accurate feedback.

I ask him and he only replied that the total discounts are $8015. I will try to ask him for lease sheet. Sorry i am new to all of this. thank you

I believe there is a 2200 incentives ongoing for the XT5. That said, the dealer only gave you 10.7% discount on a loaner. August so far has not been a good month for discounts and especially not mid August. But like mp11477 said, get all numbers (lease sheet) for accurate feedback.

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Tell him to provide lease sheet for transparency, or you’ll take your business elsewhere. Being secretive is a red flag.

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Thank you guys!!! i am waitting for the sheet. I did try to ask for 400 or 450 even and he still refuse to go down on price and told me he has base models that he could help me with but that was it. Just call to ask for the sheet and he told me the car sold.

Well better for you. Dealer was not interested in your business obviously. Keep searching. And for future, do not try to negotiate on the monthly payment. Negotiate on the Sell price of the car.


Hi Niko…may I ask name of cadillac dealer you were negotiating with?

you can always refuse to do business with them in return :rofl:


Yeah I don’t even see the point anymore…THANK YOU…NEXT!

I don’t remember the name exactly but is the one by pembroke pines.

Sounds like Vera Cadillac…I thought so. If you are still interested in XT5, check Ed morse Delray Beach. They are further north but who cares. You can also try Williamson Cadillac. But like I said, August is not a good month for cadillac discounts. Be patient or return to Mazda CX9/CX5 search. Both are great cars.

Yes that’s the one!!! Vera Cadillac has a bad reputation? Thank you I will check those out. Also… today i got quoted thru a friends broker for an Mercedes GLC 300 $1600 down as in inception fees and first month, $499 with an MSRP of 44,500. I don’t know any more details but he said it was invoice minus incentives price. Don’t know if that’s a good deal or not since i was not even considering it. Test drove it today and it was pretty good.

There have been plenty deals posted here on the GLC, did you compare your numbers to the deals posted here?

Look at the GLC350e as it seems to have better incentives.

Hi Niko
Right now it sounds like you are willing to satisfy for anything. The dealers unfortunately are like dogs, they feel you will settle or give in and they pray on that. You should get the car you like the most. Personally I like the Caddy XT5. The Money factor is pretty low which keeps the payment rather low as well, provided you get a good deal. The price for the caddy you were offered is 54K, 0 drive off for a monthly payment of 499. The GLC 300 is 44K and same 499 a month, 1600 + first payment. Financially it does not make sense to get the GLC, but it is a great car. What is more important to you, getting what you want or paying a reasonable price for a good car? Neither have good incentives right now. Wait until the end of month if you can and try again. This is when the dealers can slice off more sometimes in order to meet the monthly quota and commission. But be prepared to walk away and stand on your price.

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Thank you so much for your input. You are right i lost focus when i started comparing what i could get for the same price range. Forgot to mention my favorite pick was the acura rdx aspec for how it rides but it doesnt go lower than 500 a month and thats why i started considering other cars. I also want a good sound system so the mazda and cadillac are the ones that i think have the best value between 300 and 400 a month range for all the features they pack with.

Hi Tatious
I called the Dealership that you told me in Delray Beach. They have a xt5 Loaner with 3k msrp of 51790k with a selling price of 43800k. He said he can do 2000 down and Monthly payment of $560. unfortunately not a good deal compared to the one i was getting. On another note i got a quote on a Mazda cx9 GT 12k for 43k with discounts up to 38k $1000 down and monthly of 427 with tax included. Is this a good deal? thank you for your time man!

Hi Niko. First of all im a woman that happens to know a few things about cars and leasing. I cannot say if the mazda 9 is a good deal if I dont have all details. Discount, incentives, MF, RV etc. Based on the discount of 5K, does that include incentives? Does the mazda have everything you’re looking for?
Indeed the delray offer is not a good one. You should have shown them the offer of Vera and ask them if they can beat that offer. But thats ok…you learn as you go. I gotta say Im dissapointed in the caddy deals so far. I know they have many XT5’s sitting in the lot and the new 2020 XT5 is about to roll in, but they still wont discount aggressively. Others were able to lease for $400 or less on a 2019 XT5 lux. Lets c what happens. Anyway, send me details of mazda 9 if u can.

By the way Nico. The delray dealer is ripping you off somehow. Based on MSRP of 51790 and sell price of 43800, you should pay no more than 430. And thats with 0 down, plus first month and fees. You should realy start asking for details. DO NOT TAKE THEIR WORD FOR IT.

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Especially in South Florida!

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