Cadillac ATS-V, Return car a few weeks early

Long story short, my lease for my ATS-V is up on January 3rd. I’m also on holiday travel from December 21-January 2. I ordered a Tesla M3P+ and was quoted a delivery time of mid-December, but alas it is going to be available the week after next.

I have a 3-car garage and can keep both cars, but given that I will have no use for either car for the final two weeks of this lease, I was wondering if there would be any issue for me return the car to the dealer in mid-December, understanding I’d likely still pay the same final month, but just to not have to pay for insurance or have to deal with the hassle after we return.

I guess second question is if there’s any consideration should I turn it in 1.5 months early, I almost positively doubt it, especially since it had a high residual and Cadillac is going to lose money on this lease deal (in the sense that the residual was set WAY too high). Anyone been through this. I was maybe hoping they could take a hit on the disposition in lieu of getting it back a month+ early, but I know that’s probably contractually not possible.

You’ll still owe the disposition fee. You can turn it in whenever just make sure your present during the lease inspection.

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Thanks, assumed so.