Cadillac ATS lease ending in 60 Days

I have a 2017 ATS lease ending in 60 days. I really enjoy the car, and I’m way under miles with a fairly cheap payment. In other words I’m in no hurry to lease pull ahead, get into a higher monthly and/or throw out more DAS money.

Contacted GM Financial. I was told I could extend the lease on a month to month basis, up to 6 months. No added miles during the extension but I don’t need any.

I’m seeking pro/con feedback. Thinking of just letting it ride out to the bitter end. During which seeking out a reasonable replacement.

Good to know GM Financial does month-to-month extensions.

Some considerations: How are you on tire life? Is there an expensive service coming up that you could avoid by returning the car? Will the car still be covered by the warranty? Would this require another year of registration fees?

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Thanks! Tires still perfect, service still covered, warranty will be fully active. The registration is going to be due in 60 days, I suppose that’s the only downfall.

Why not do this: shop around and see if you can find a car you like at a similar payment. If not, then extend and wait till the end of the year when dealers are usually the most aggressive.

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Get some quotes from carmax, vroom, etc…for possible equity. I agree with Michael, wait for the GM Costco program in October and look for another great deal.

I was able to extend the lease 2 months. With option for 4 months additional. Not sure what i’ll get next, but for now in a good position.

Well BMWs are leasing great right now? Not sure what youre into though?

Nice. I’ll take a look!