Cadillac ATS 2018

I’m looking for a deal on a Cadillac ATS? What do you guys believe is a great deal on this car ?

Where are you located? What trim? Mileage? Lease length? It’s all going to factor in what could be considered “good”.

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Shoot for 7-8% off MSRP + any applicable incentives.

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Miami Fl, RWD LUXERY 10k miles a year and any lease deal 24,27,36,39,48 etc.

Hoping I can be in the low 300s but want to be realistic. Thank you for the help

Looks to be 2440 in rebates, 3440 if you have loyalty, so there’s not a ton of incentives. Check Edmunds and get the residual and money factor for your region if it isn’t national and start getting some quotes from dealers based on whatever options/colors you like. You probably don’t want to go further than 36 months on something though.

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SOCAL dealer has two Demos for $299 a month with 1500 down at 27 months. I have more details on my phone. The first one is smoke/steel gray with navi, blind spot etc and what looks like chrome rims with tan interior. I’m still awaiting details on the second. Both MSRPs are a bit over $40K. Both are 2018’s.

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Hey @maguzma, I don’t want to piggy back of the thread here, but I just registered and didn’t see a way to DM. I’m in Socal, and was wondering where these cars were? I’m very interested in that deal. Let me know!

Thanks in advance

Please email me at and I can send you pics and a POC to inquire.

@Mark_Guzman, why do you have 2 separate screen names.

Weren’t you the guy that was promoting that broker? Sorry may just be confused

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@ursus would know…

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Yes, he was. 20202020

Tried to log into four times and could not so I tried to log in with my google account and it created a separate account. So now I got an account at work and on my phone. I guess I’m a bit lucky. I guess if we paid to join the forum the infrastructure would be a lot better.

I told you why I got a second account by mistake when trying to log on at work but it never took my password. So I logged in using google and it opened up new account. Not trying to hide anything just trying to help. I think this is the third time trying to explain. I’m no broker but a car enthusiast as most in the forum. I’ve never been in a forum with so much suspicion.

I’ll promote anybody I had very favorable car buying:leasing experiences. I just emailed Penara Bread HQ on the excellent service from the floor manager today. I guess I am a broker there too.

Suspicion? In your third post ever you tried to sell your brokering services for tips and wine.

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Really? They are usually pretty aggressive when I go there to eat.

At least I try and help people and not try and get deals for myself. I rarely get compensated except for knowing somebody didn’t get ripped off at the dealership and they share what I taught them with somebody else.

I think brokers get paid I don’t