Cadillac 2018 XT5 Base in White

Just picked up a 2018 Cadillac XT5 Base for $315 Tax in. I used $4000 GM monies from, so nothing out of pocket. There was an extra $6000 in GM rebates. MSRP $43,2xx
How did I do ?


That’s a decent deal on a 45k car.

How many months? And was that “GM Monies” a rebate or credit card earnings?

39 months, they paid 1st month, it was GM card monies

Looks like a great deal! I see the additional $4K incentive on specific inventory - but it was not clear that the amounts could be applied to a lease. Can you post details of your deal? Sales price, MF, residual, term.

4K is for purchase on those tags. 2 k for lease