CA Man Sues BMW for Taking Equity Over His Totaled M5


Speaking of Jalopnik and Delica, I remember when Mitsubishi was cool.

What’s the chances Mitsubishi still has a tech anywhere in the US that knows how to work on these?

Dude probably got paid 50 bucks for the article. I’d call him a freelance aggregator.

This lawyer is a joke. He went to an unaccredited for profit law school that has a bar passage rate of under 10%.

He also already seems to have sued BMW with a family member as the named plaintiff.


University of American Samoa. :grin:

Fuck You Saul Goodman GIF by Better Call Saul


Oh gosh… so this comment made me go read that other older suit, and it turns out this new one is a blatant cut and paste job… :man_facepalming:

Also, here’s the M5 in question (it is indeed an M5):

BMWNA also has the arbitration clause and could take this out of the public domain for now if they wanted to, though a loss there could be devastating for them. Interesting situation.


The link to the prior suit shows that BMW has filed a motion to compel arbitration. I suspect they will do so for the new case also.


If they could they certainly would.