CA HOV Lane Purple Stickers


Has anyone received their 2019 CA HOV stickers yet?
I haven’t seen them on the road and I am yet to receive mine since 2 months.


Yes. It takes about 2 months to get them. You are next in line.

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Check to see if your check was cashed. You should get them within 2 weeks of your check being cashed.

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Hasn’t been cashed yet :frowning:
Sent on 01/08/2019


I sent mine on the 6th of Jan and got them at the beginning of March. Maybe they lost yours.


Mine either. California efficiency on display!


It’s the DMV, man. If they didn’t make you wait until you lost your mind how would you know they are doing their job?


Mine hasn’t either, though I only sent it a few weeks ago. I imagine they’re gonna take a few months. Had me second guessing whether I actually went to the post office, or dreamt it up until I saw a gap in my checkbook.

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What’s a checkbook? Asking for a friend.


LOL…seriously…they are asking you to send them a check on the application. Ca DMV sure is retro…in many aspects.


I still have checks with my old address on them from 6 years ago. I’m hoping I use them up before moving again.


We process a pretty fair number of checks for the business. It’s archaic but it’s just an easy way to manage payments. And that’s the government for ya :wink:


Finally got mine today.
Check was cashed on 4/20
Purple stickers for check cashed on 4/20 …nice right?


yup and DMV “pass” it along … enjoy


On the application it asks for license plate number. Do I need to wait until we receive the actual plates or can I just put the temp plate number?


Wait for actuals


I got them with temp plates this year. Go for it!


If the dealership did all the paperwork for the HOV purple sticker, does anyone know how I can track it?

Based on the comments it seems like I still have a month to go


The dealers get them without any plates too.


I may have been thinking about the rebates and not the sticker. I waited for my actual plates on everything I submitted just to be sure.