CA EV rebate valid if leased out of state?

I was reading the CA EV rebate details and it says, “Vehicles may not be purchased, leased, or delivered out of state.” Has anyone gotten your EV out of state and still gotten the CA EV rebate?

If it says you can’t do it, point blank, why do you think you can?

Fair enough, it just doesn’t make any sense to me as to why since I would immediately drive it back and register/pay all taxes to CA. I’m glad I checked.

Edit: I also wanted to get the word out for others that might be looking to do the same

Because CA wants to keep the money in the state. If you’re buying out of state, they lose that sale.

I get that the dealer loses the sale but as far as the state is concerned they get nearly the same benefit via taxes and registration. That being said, it makes sense that they would add that in there to protect doing business in CA.