C8 Corvette vs Hellcat last run

As you can see from my name. I ordered these cars to late in the market, dont wanna waste your time with those stories.
I have 2 C8 2023 coming in and 1 hellcat challenger.

My plan was to order them with time in-between so i can get all all different times. That didnt happen. I wanted to drive one and flip the other two. With the market going so far down, i dont think that can happen.

My 70th anniversary corvette c8 will be here this week
Msrp is 90k but see them for sale for 100-110k.

My 2023 challenger widebody hellcat will be here in 1 month.
84k msrp but i am getting chrysler friends and family discount. Should be 78ish after discount

My other c8 is a 2lt and it will be here hopefully in March.
84k msrp. C8 R package with Z51, new wheels, and alot of options that used used to be on constraint.

I wanted to lease, so i dont have to pay taxs, and i heard its what all the “flippers” are doing.

My question is this. Are ANY of my orders worth taking delivery then flipping right away?

If not, out of these 3 cars, which one is going to depreciate less by September 2023. IF i am not going to flip them, i at least want to take delivery of one and drive it this summer. Which one do u think is the best option and why?

I know no one can see the future but i value your feedback and predictions. Thanks!

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