C450 amg demo lease . Good or bad?

Fully loaded c450 amg 8600 miles on it. Demo. Is this a good deal?

Have you thought about Security Deposits? Not sure what the residual or MF are and I can’t see the acquisition fee, if that is $1,189 then that is marked up.

What benefits does a security deposit offer

Each one will reduce your Money factor by 0.00007 and given this is an AMG I bet the MF is quite high so it could reduce your payments quite a bit. It looks like quite an expensive lease to me. Ask them for the Money factor they are charging and the residual. It will help us help you.

It looks like you have a trade difference of 2600 that adds about 80 to your monthly payment. If you love the car up to you but for a demo and only 13% off i would not do it. Seems expensive for me.

OK< so the residual should be 55% and the MF 0.00129.

With Auto pay and 10 MSD’s you should be paying $574 inc tax.

That is by not rolling the Acquisition into the lease.

So it is a bad deal.

I make that 16% off. But I forgot to add in the trade difference in my calculations.

I guess if you included that, remove the MSD’d and auto pay it gets close to what they are asking. Not the way I would do it.

Very true my mistake. You could push them for 20% at least I guess. It has quite a few miles. I think the miles are subtracted from residual too so that could be a factor. I think better cars for that money. The Ghiblis were running for 488 a month i think in here.

Having been in both, I would take the Merc any day over an Italian Chrysler. :wink:
But yes, they have to buy back the miles. It can make it tricky to get the numbers to work on these high millage exec demos. BMW seems to come out the best with these sorts of cars.

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Thankyou for all the inputs, I will keep negotiating. #baddeal

Even with non demo i think you still can get better number than that. Larger discount, MSDs.
Btw they charge service charge then pre delivery fee… that is a lot of mark-up. Guess this is the first pencil. My suggestion is if you have confidence/knowledge to make a deal stay with this dealer. If you dont know much about negotiation walk away.

That was my deal at Maserati of Anaheim Hills (call Dave Garrett) but I have never seen it come up again. You can look at http://www.maseratiofanaheimhills.com/488.htm for their current deal of $499/mo, $0 down, 5k miles/year, 39 months.

My deal was $488/mo, $0 down, 10k miles, 36 months. It ends up being around $2,500 drive off (includes first month, rolled in $995 for 24-month maintenance) and with taxes monthly is $556/mo. This deal was without negotiating (Facebook ad) and before I found this website.