C43 Coupe Lease Query

Thoughts on this one…

Leftover 2018, $63.1k MSRP. Optioned the way I’d like and black / black.
52% residual / .00065 MF
14% / $9,000 discount
$1095 bank fee
$651 per month for 36 / 10k with just first and tags DAS.

Could do a one pay for $22,700 saving another $1700 on the payment total dropping the effective payments to $634.

Almost right at 1% and it’s a coupe which doesn’t lease well.

Is there any more room in this deal?

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Definitely dont do a 1 pay if it’s only $1700 over 3 years. No need to give up that liquid cash when it can make > 2% in some money markets.

You’re close to an m3 but assuming you have ruled that out? Also your cash could be used towards MSDs for a much better return.

Yes, I need 4 wheel drive where I live, MPLS.
M3 would be $750 at a minimum with just first and tags.
I had an 2001 M3, car was a banshee.

Agreed, it works out to about a 4% return.

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MSD’s on bmw is ~9%. Either way if you need 4 wheel drive that is a nice car. Go for the m5 then :smile:

I thought residual on a C43 was 58%. I got that from edmunds. Will dealers negotiate the residual or not?

I was referring to the return on your cash if tiki do multiple security deposits to lower the money factor. You get that money back at the end of the lease. Residual is fixed. Money factor there is a base rate but they can jack it up on you.

That looks like a really good deal on a C43 Coupe. I would agree with the advice not to do the 1-pay, not a big enough saving and you can use that money better and have more financial flexibility.

That is the sedan. Coupe is lower.

Better quote today from another dealer. One pay reducing the MF to .0001.

Drops the payment another $48 a month, now at $594.

Are these in the tristate area? I just got a ridiculous quote for mine.

No, Midwest and West.