C43 amg lease quote need help

Hi so I just got a quote for a 2019 C43 amg coupe do you think I can do any better if so what should I be asking for ?
He said the discount was this much because its a 19 and the 20s are coming in but I feel like I can do a little bit better. What do you guys think

MSRP: 69,500

Discount 8,100

Selling Price 61,400

7,500 miles a year

36 months

796.97 Monthly

Due 5,081.76

NY Taxes upfront and fees

What is the residual%/purchase price at end of lease, and I’m assuming no included maintenance or lease turnin protection ?

I was told 53% residual, purchase price at the end I’m not sure of. And none of that maintenance or lease turnin protection. Do you think I can do better

Just under $1000 a month effective for a 7500 mile lease on a c class? You can get a lot of car for that amount.

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Yea I understand but its just been a car I’ve wanted since I have the c300 coupe now and I need an AWD so thought this would be my best bet

Just about 12% seems aggressive.

I would assume you can push for another $1,000 just to see if there truly is anymore room.

I absolutely think you can do better. I’ve negotiated on c43s before in the past. Wasn’t fruitful for me, but then again I am in a harder-to-hack region. Its a really well equipped C43 based on msrp. You will end up paying about 33881 not including maintenance a set of tires before turn in. I put your terms and 4% lease payment tax in NY, and taxes and fees upfront like you said puts you at 2481 driveoff with 803 payment. So clearly I’d estimate you are roughly $2500 away from what it should be assuming a 2.4% apr as money factor. You’ll end up paying ~33k for what should be ~30k based on the terms given. Now, honestly, you’re at about 11% off of msrp, which is pretty good, but I think you should hunt out 2019s that have been sitting on the lots ( check out on cargurus, etc.) and attempt to get that 2500 gap covered to get to 2500 DAS and 800 monthly.

TL/DR Plan of Action I suggest: Counter the dealer who made you this offer with a realistic 800 per month, 2500 DAS. Folks on here may say 800 is approaching base C63 money, yadayadaya, but don’t worry about it. You do you. If you are not deadset on the coupe, sedan may do slightly better residual-wise. Not sure on that though. Bottomline is you are looking at a higher msrp variant, and not a base, so it may be pricier. For the record your c43 is absolute starting price of c63 coupe base (69k).

In addition, hunt for better discounted ones if possible. Btw, I would try to bump mileage to 10k a year. Only increased payment by ~20 bucks. You can even push for same price as 7500.

Some people only need 7,500 a year. There’s no point in buying more miles than one needs, unless the plan is to swap for sure mid-term. But that doesn’t sound like what OP is doing.


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try easyleasing in brooklyn, ask for eugene he beat multiple quotes I got on here

C43 not a C300?

For $1000 a month?

Fill. Out. The. Calculator.

Let me repeat that:

Fill. Out. The. Calculator.

If you don’t have enough information to fill out the calculator, you don’t have enough information to evaluate the lease. It really is that simple.

This lease is horrible from what I can tell, but I can’t tell much because I don’t have enough information.

Fill. Out. The. Calculator.

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Agree with above.

Based just off the info that you’ve give, it seems like a terrible deal. You’re getting a great discount off MSRP but for whatever reason that’s not manifesting in your monthly payments, which should be much lower. So until you can provide full details on what’s going on, hard to assess where you’re coming up short.

Is that 5k due at signing ? :thinking:

I assume it’s including upfront NY taxes

Yes it is sales tax upfront

Ill check out cargurus but it must be directly from a mercedes dealership and must be brand new correct?

Yea, or an unregistered demo/display car or loaner. No way you’ll find a c43 loaner lol

where in NY are you?
This seems really bad…
I know coupes dont lease as well as the sedan and your MSRP is high…