C300 Sedan RWD deal good or not?

Mercedes C300 RWD

MSRP: $44520k
Monthly: $455 + tax

Not the greatest deal.

2020/2019, ZIP, and incentives, loyalty, etc?

2020 Model. Zip 92841 and with loyalty

Can you post a pic of your contract. Let’s work backwards from that if you have one. Did you confirm RV, incentives, and BASE mf from edmunds?

From dealer I only got RV 56% and MF .00053.

That’s a start, but MF can be dealer manipulated to make more profit, called a markup. Going to forum.edmunds.com for 2020 c class, here and posting will yield you the true RV and base cheapest money factor.

thank you i will check edmunds!

Residual and buy rate are accurate.

$1,000 loyalty and $500 lease cash at present.

However, it does not appear that the monthly payment figures you mention match the LH calculator.

Yes Skerb. I’m not good at using the calculator. The deal is $1500 drive off with $455+tax/month. MSRP is $44520.

What is the breakdown of the amount due at signing?

Dealer kept the deal sheet. I only got the numbers

If the Dealer fee is $85 and the acquisition fee is not marked up, your deal looks closer to this:

There is definitely more room.