C300 sedan, is this a good deal?

How much dealer cash/incentives is in the discount?

Seems pretty good though… I believe that 15-18% dealer discount was the recommended target for loaners.

Brand new, i believe the dealer incentive was $1250 when I last went over the numbers with them, that was end of august, they cannot get it to 36000 sales price, this month they called me back and said they can do it with new September incentive, so I would assume they got more incentive this month, or they are trying to hit a certain number? either way, is this a deal i should jump on? or should i ask for more stuff like waiver of disposition fees and all weather floor mats tinted window etc? I find it hard to play with the sales price anymore.

It’s better than the deals I’ve been finding this month. I’ll take it if you don’t want it :wink:

MF is slightly marked up though.

Dealers cant waive disposition fee unless it is part of their pull-ahead program.

Looks pretty good I think.
I just got one for my wife too and I’ll share mine.

Brand new 2018 MB C300 Sedan
36mo. 12k miles
MSRP $43195
Sale price 18% off
Drive Off $1380
$399 including tax and 3 year prepaid maintenence.

For comparison, my loaner leased in April:

@darksky, if only yours was a 4Matic, I’d gladly take it off your hands :disappointed:

@jayceee and @jcliu if you don’t mind me asking, where do you guys live?

In February I was able to get my wife a 2017 C300 AWD loaner with around 6k miles for 252/mo after tax in the Midwest. 0 DAS, MSRP was around 48500 and it was a 24/10k.

She is an ABA member and the quote was around 315/mo prior to the ABA fleet discount.

I live in the LA area

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Anybody seeing anything decent on the east coast?

how are you guys getting those killer loaner deals? all the loans i’m looking at has a sales price of 34-35k, which is really not that much savings compared to the new one… as far as I know, loaners have at least 5k miles on it so its closer to maintenance, tire change, and brake change. How much of a sales price on the loaner do I need to negotiate to get to a low $300 payment???

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I had a quick question,
I am planning to lease a C300
I havent told dealer i plan to lease, told him I’m planning to buy and negotiating selling price.
Once he gives me a good selling price, should I be getting a printed proof of it?
Or is all verbal fine?
At what point do I tell him I plan to lease? Is it like I suddenly hear a good selling price and tell him the next second that I plan to lease at this price?

Some dealers may not honor that final sell price for a lease. Either way they make the same amount wether it’s a lease or finance, but just a heads up.