C300 exec demo 54k list

Hi everyone, I’ve been reading the forum and was hoping to get some feedback on an offer I received.

2017 Mercedes c300 4 matic

54k Msrp
43k selling price
Roughly 7500 miles on the car
$449 including tax and maintence
St. Louis sales tax is about 8%
First month of $449 due at signing.

Was hoping to get some thoughts will have more info soon related to mf. And rv


Seems high to me for what is essentially a used car. I would think you could lease a NEW C300 4matic for under 490 easily… I am sure someone more familiar with Mercedes will chime in soon, but if you look around there are people scoring E class demos and loaners in the 400’s.

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That’s a really expensive MSRP c300. What packages does it have on it? (12.5k in packages, I think). Discount is ~20%, try to see if they can stretch it to 25%. Do you have access to fleet incentives?

It’s bad enough that $54k C classes exist. Nonetheless a sub $400 a month payment- I’d rather drive an F-type.


I’d love to drive an f type but I’m moving to Michigan soon for work and I’ll need awd.

Sport pack
Premium 3
Panorama roof
Red leather seats.
It’s highly loaded. But I do agree it’s still a ridiculous price. I’ll go back for 25%.


You think that’s bad, my dad has a $57k MSRP C300.

My current c class I’m driving is a P3 package with a $56k original MSRP

Sedan or Coupe? 20 characters.

Get little more discount, put 10msd and auto pay, you will get around $350-$380. That’s not bad for $54k car.

Its not a 54k car because it is used. 7500 miles on it.

You may think it’s used and farted in, but the MSRP is still $54k and used to calculate the RV (minus mileage adjustment).

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