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Hello All,

I’m new to this forum (yes I know - sorry to be annoying!) and am interested in leasing a C300 (new or ex-loaner). I live in the Chicago area and have searched the forum but haven’t gotten any concrete tips on which dealers in the area may offer good deals. I’ve visited a few to get a sense of pricing and I think the offers I’m getting are way higher than expected.

Here is one offer:

2018 C300 4MATIC (2300 miles)
Total: 47980
Destination and Delivery: 48975
Discount: 8775
Selling Price: 40200
Fees: 396.94
Sales Tax: 2944.07
Net Sales Price: 43541.01

I’m looking for a 36 month, 15K lease. The quote I was given was for $531.66/month with first payment, security deposit, tax on down payment, license/title/documentation due at delivery. The dealer came down to $511/month which seems very high to me.

I’m just learning about this process (first car purchase) but I’ve asked to find out what the money factor and residual is from this dealer.

I’d love any advice on dealers in the Chicago area and generally what would be considered a good deal for a leased C300 (new or ex-loaner).

Thanks so much and sorry for the newbie questions. This website has already taught me so much!

Have you searched the forum for other C300 loaner deals?

Yeah that does sound a little high per month, especially as you have a healthy ~18% discount. I’m guessing they’re inflating the MF to hide the profit, if you have good credit insist on the base MF and check to make sure it’s correct on the edmunds.com forum. Let us know what they’re setting the MF as. If you have money available to put down look into MSD’s as that will lower the lease cost.

Thanks! I found out the MF is 0.00125 and the residual for 36 m/15 K is 56%.

Yea I’ve searched but didn’t find anything specific to Chicago. Sorry to post again.

It’s not about specific to Chicago. See what others have gotten

Selling Price (SP) / MSRP % discount with buyrate MF
Selling Price (SP) / MSRP % discount with fully marked up MF

They’re adding about $50p/m via the inflated MF, should be 0.00060 according to edmunds.com.

If you’re looking for the best possible deal follow @max_g advice and compare to other deals on the forum, doesn’t matter where they are as long as you compare prices pre-tax to pre-tax.

This is very helpful. Thank you!

look at the deal I posted in the deals section for C300 loaner in texas, and that’s with Tx taxes. Not exactly same car but similar. Should give you a base idea how far away you are on your deal as it’s from this month.

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When I leased my loaner E300 earlier this year, the best dealers to deal with were Loeber and Knauz. YMMV.

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Read @senwia’s prior post from October 2017. He had a good experience with Mercedes Benz of Hoffman Estates on an E300 loaner I believe. They are part of the MotorWerks of Barrington auto group. They have two Mercedes dealerships.

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Thank you! I am getting an offer for a C300 ex-loaner with about ~3.5K miles on it, MSRP 51425 for $470/month w/ taxes. I’ve talked to 4-5 dealers now and it seems as if this is the best offer so far. One dealer I spoke with has no clue (or pretended to not know) what MSDs are.

I am also looking for c300 lease.