C300 black on black- looking to lease

I am looking to lease c300 black on black.Below are the specs that I want.
I am looking for lower 500ish with 1000$ due at signing.

Heated seats
LED lightening package
Blind spot
Heated steering wheel
All season tires
36 months/12 k mileage



Go away @kishore


Ok,Got it
Actually,I got a deal of 536$/per month with 2000$ due at signing.
Can you please suggest if that’s a good deal
MSRP 47,375$
Thank you

You should post more details on the deal. What’s the dealer discount?

Hmm.I have no idea on it. Below are the specs that I got

These are the things you will want to get from the dealer:

Selling price (with dealer discount and any incentives you qualify for listed separately)
Dealer and other fees
Money factor
Term and mileage allowance

Ask them to send you a deal sheet with all of that information. Without that, it’s going to be difficult to evaluate a deal.

Thanks for your quick reply.i got that quote for 12k mileage/36 months.
I will check for all above mentioned details.

Please reply hackers if anyone of you have leased c300 recently,so that I can compare for getting rough idea on the numbers.

Ask them for the worksheet. Without it it is all just guessing.