C300 4matic Coupe

Hello Guys,
Can you take a look at below off and provide your inputs? Thanks.

Is this for a new or loaner? 16% on a new one is big discount

This is on a new one.45000 also had 1850 in Rebates included.

I was actually interested in a 2017 loaner. But they sales guy told me that they won’t lease 2017 models. I though that was BS.

No, that’s accurate, there’s no lease support for 2017 models.

Thanks for clarifying.

Correct no lease on 2017s anymore. But 16% on a new one is strong. I thought coupe only had $500 rebate. At least in FL. Which region are you in?

10k miles brings it right at the 1% and that also with a true sign n drive.

I’m in DC. 500 though costco and dealership gave me the rest as part of their memorial day offer.

Do you guys think it’s reasonable to throw free service for the duration of the lease as part of the deal?

You mean to ask them to throw ? Sure, whats the harm in asking.

Did you end up getting the car? What were the final numbers?

No I didn’t. Next day the sales guy said that I need to pay taxes outside of my monthly payment.