BWM i8 Lease Takeover Deal

Scored an awesome deal on an i8

I do not have the original contract yet but its really irrelevant at this point

MSRP 140k
MSD’s 8050$

I paid 3000 cash upfront for the 8k in MSD’s

payment 1038 without tax

15 months remaining with a total of roughly 900 miles/month

I think i made out really well. Really excited, it arrives next week.

Netting $5k in cash and barely $1k per month payment. I would say you did very well. Enjoy.

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Great deal. How did you find it? Swapalease?

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Thanks, Bimmerpost forum.

So will you get the $8K in MSD at the end of the lease? If so, that is a killer deal, congrats

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Yeah. It was just perfect timing because the guy had just picked up something else and did not want to be paying for both cars