Buyout my current lease? Is this legit?

Hi hackers,

Recently,I received this in mail from WIN Chevy in SoCal. I do have a BMW 4 series lease, trying to get rid of, and thinking about getting a Bolt. Anyone had experience with buyout current lease from Chevy dealer, then lease or buy a new one? Or you’re familiar with the process, can you give me some advice? Should I bother to ask for a quote?


These are just ploys you get you in there from what I’ve seen

Did you scratch and won?


You didn’t play the scratch off. Always play the scratch off.


Transfer the 4 series, unless your deal is awful

They want you to come in and pay less than your current car is worth by rolling the negative equity into your next lease.


A friend of mine did that a few times many yrs ago. His wife got car fever andwith a few months left on her lease she did that. Its nuts and a total waste of money.

That time of year, huh?

Same goes for you unfortunately

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You’re substantially underwater, and the dealer will happily roll all of that negative into a new lease.

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All of you are cynics. Look what just showed up in my mailbox…

Since Ed McMahon said it, it’s gonna happen.


Any scratch and win letter from a car dealer is a scam. For some reason, you’re always going to win the scratcher - but you’re really losing.


I keep getting these VMs on my Google Voice number.

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Can I have your 7 series when you go to jail?


Mustard theft? Or Amex rewards 10% off at Lowes fraud?


There are cheaper ways to acquire extra storage space

It will be confiscated (repossessed)

I’m thinking of using it as a cabin to sleep in instead of the couch when the wife gets mad at me.