Buyout lease, or lease 2022 BMW X3 loaner

Back in 2019, I leased a BMW X3 loaner which is coming to an end this month. I was able to find one dealership with a loaner, that would apply about $4k equity from my 2019 X3. The other option is to buy out the 2019 X3 and wait another year or so, though equity might decline.

2022 BMW X3 - 36/12 lease
MSRP: 50240
Selling Price: 45497
Demo Miles: 4786
Trade in: 4000
Incentives: 1000 college grad, loyalty included in price
MF: 0.0019
Residual: 52%, $26,125

Monthly payment: $550
Due at signing: $4000 (taxes and fees, ~$3700)

Lease Buyout: 2019 X3
Through dealership:
Money Down: 0, pay for CPO (needs 3 tires)
APR: 4.99%, 60 mo
Payment: $474
1 yr CPO warranty included

Would it be wise to pay $4000 on top of the equity (effectively $8k) to get in to a new lease, or buyout the car for the price of new tires, and enjoy a lower monthly payment?

Is this cash on top of your equity?

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Yes it is cash on top of the equity

What’s the residual on the current X3?

What’s the cost to CPO?

Short answer; NO.

Long anwer; Why would you want to pay ($550 × 36) + $4k (DAS) + $4k (trade in) = $27,800 to lease a demo X3? I wouldn’t.


Is their offer for the equity fairly valued?