Buying used car out of state into CA

If you are purchasing a used car from out-of-state into CA, what do does one need to know? If it matters, it will be a 2009-2012 Porsche 911 approx $50-60k. There is no car yet but wanted to make sure this is not going to be too crazy with all the smog stuff in CA

smog aside, i would look into registration and your tax liability…

As long as the drivetrain hasn’t been modified (and it was CARB legal to begin with), you shouldn’t have a problem with CARB/smog. AFAIK.

But I’d also ask on a forum with a larger % of pre-owned car buyers, e.g. Rennlist or Pelican.

The car should be a 50-state emission rated to be registered in CA. There are few exceptions, such as relocating to CA with a car that you already have registered in your name. As a CA resident you cannot buy a vehicle 49-state emission vehicle out of state and register it in CA.

I think that only applies to “new” (under 7500 miles). If it has more than 7500 miles, it doesn’t need to be 50-state compliant.

Are you sure? That would be a huge loophole and CARB doesn’t have many AFAIK