Buying used 2017 i3

My lease is up on 2017 i3 (14k miles) and wanted to see what to expect when negotiating a used i3. I’m aware of the residual value being sky high and many people not being able to bring that down to market value. So, if that is the case with me, what is a good way to negotiate a price on a used, certified, i3 with a similar set up as to what i have? For example, there are a few i3’s that are around 20k (my residual is 28k) that have the same packages that i have and have low milage. When I went in to negotiate for the lease i have now, i was told 8% off of sticker is good, how does that work with used cars? In the off chance that my sales person says we can work with you on your residual, what are things to ask for and things to avoid?
Any and all help is appreciated.


With the advent of the internet, dealerships have little room to negotiate on used cars because it is so easy to compare prices. Most are non-haggle best prices on used cars. A couple hundred is reasonable, but don’t expect thousands off shows 448 certified i3s in the US between 17k and 36k. See what a used one goes for certified, if any dealers near you have a certified one you’d take, and contact that dealer first about ground your lease to ask about discounting the buyout and getting yours certified. If not see if they’ll work a deal on their CPO and ground yours.