Buying more miles in the middle of lease

Hello Hackrs,

I’m currently on Nissan Sentra lease. 10/36. It’s been only 8 months so far but I am driving nearly 1k miles a month. At this pace, I’ll probably drive 5~6k milea more than allowed. What could be my option?

You can buy extra miles at the end before turn-in. Don’t do it now because your driving habits might change. Nissan is rather cheap at $0.15 per mile IIRC


Just drive the he** out of it, and pay the penalty. Even at 6k over miles, that’s only $900 bucks. Think of it this way, how many on here wouldn’t love to have a 12k mile a year lease and only pay $1800, all in… Heck, my Ford F-150 overage charge is .25 cents. I’m under at this point with 9 months to go, but seriously considering hooking up our 13’ Scamp, and going on a 4 month cross country trip and bring it to 8-10K over. Why not, hard to beat that many miles for just a couple of grand.